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About us

Elzah Solutions Inc. is a website development company and software solution publisher location in Ajax Ontario. We are the owners of EBIS-pro, a configurable business process management software that makes it easy a business to; with just a few clicks of a mouse, know exactly what is happening in their business at any given time.


EBIS-pro, our main software, is a collection of business management tools that are configurable to suite various business models. The main objective is to create a single place for a business, its customers, employees and stakeholders to collaborate on projects. We believe that a decision maker should not need to assess several different tools to see the big picture.

For most businesses our cloud based multi-tenanted solution is enough. For other companies with an existing infrastructure, Elzah Solution Inc. provides a web base on premise option. With our solution we aim to mimic the feel of a custom software designed specifically for your business.

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Website Development

When people ask us what we do, we hesitate to say we build websites because every website that we build is more than a website. We integrate tools that help our customers see the big picture. Our most basic package includes email marketing tools, website feedback management tools, and user subscription and email template management tools.

Our software application includes various modules to pick from. Your application may be a simple timesheet management tool for your employees to submit their timesheet, or you may need an external portal for your customers to track the progress of their projects.

All our websites and web applications are responsive, which means that they are mobile friendly and optimized to look good on any mobile device. We provide our clients with software solutions that includes a professionally designed and functional website that helps them grow their business. We have designed and developed fully customizable software applications for managing business services and projects.

Software Development

We believe that a well-made software application should be simple to use and not complicated at all. At Elzah Solutions, we work with our client from concept and strategy development to implementation to providing ongoing support.

Before we start designing and developing a client’s website, we engage our clients in discussions that help to identify key performance indicators (KPIs), keyword search so that measuring success becomes easier. Additionally, when we customize software packages, we are focused on your existing business process as we gather requirements to ensure we understand how you do business. We believe that business applications should be simple to use and designed to fit perfectly with your business needs.

Our Technology

Most of our solutions uses Microsoft Technologies such as with MVC design pattern. We use Web applications in most cases, but a few solutions use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Microsoft SQL Server; we strive to match your needs with proven technology. We make it our responsibility to take privacy and security concerns as a key requirement when developing software.

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